Is White Vinegar Better Than Commercial Cleaning Products?

You may know the relationship between vinegar and chips, but do you know that vinegar can help you clean many things? In case you don’t know, many showers or window cleaners have vinegar as the common ingredient. As a matter of fact, vinegar is an ideal solution for cleaning things around your office.

In this article, we are going to find out if white vinegar is better than a lot of commercial chemical-based cleaning products out there. So let’s get to the point.

Reason Why White Vinegar Is Better Than Commercial Cleaning Products

The Cleaning Power of Vinegar

Acetic acid is the active ingredient in vinegar. Glacial acetic acid, aka undiluted acetic acid, is potent enough. However, you can find pure form only in laboratories. You can buy white vinegar with only 5 to 10% acid as the acid is mixed with water.

The razor-sharp taste of white vinegar is because of acetic acid. Usually, the production of this acid occurs naturally during the fermentation process. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for pickling food so that it can be stored for a long time. Also, vinegar can help eliminate weeds.

You can get the vinegar out of all types of alcoholic products you can find in the market. For instance, balsamic vinegar is sourced from red wine, while cider vinegar is sourced from cider.

To make vinegar, you need acetobacter, a particular type of bacterial. Then, all you need to do is introduce the bacteria to the beverage.

These bacteria have unique properties, as most microbes can’t withstand acidic conditions. In fact, these bacteria help produce the acid in the first place. So, what happens is that acetobacter consumes the sugar in alcoholic beverages and produces acetic acid.Window Cleaning With White Vinegar

Once the alcohol is gone, the bacteria die off, but the acid is still there. Vinegar can be used to dissolve water stains and limescale. Plus, you can use it to clean toilets, windows, kitchen appliances, and tile floors.

The Benefits of White Vinegar for Cleaning

If you use white vinegar for cleaning, you can enjoy many benefits. Let’s talk about some of them.

First, unlike commercial cleaning products, white vinegar comes with a much lower price tag. Plus, it’s non-toxic, natural, and antibacterial. Therefore, vinegar restores the shine of domestic appliances without leaving streaks behind. Moreover, you can mix vinegar with salt to prepare a mild abrasive cleaner. For instance, you can use it to clean your office kettle and make it look brand new.

You can use white vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to create a fizzy, abrasive cleaning agent. So you can use it to scrub tough stains.

The Disadvantages of Using White Vinegar as a Cleaning Solution

White vinegar has some disadvantages as well. Let’s discuss some of them.

We know that vinegar is a type of acid. Although it’s a weak acid, it can still cause damage to the sealants on decorative steel and stonework. Similarly, it may damage the protective film on the display screens on home appliances.

Apart from this, you can’t use vinegar to clean hardwood floors as this acid may damage the rubber seals. Therefore, use it only on items that won’t damage when exposed to this acid.

You may have problems with the smell of vinegar. Most vinegar-based cleaning products contain perfumes, but using vinegar in the undiluted form will spread the annoying smell. Therefore, it may not be a good idea in an office environment.

Is White Vinegar Better Than Store-Bought Cleaners?

The short answer is yes. But remember that you can’t use it on mobile phone screens, metalwork, stone, and hardwood floors. So the idea is to make a list of items that you can clean using white vinegar.

But the good news is that you can use vinegar to clean your office windows, floors, and toilets without any trouble. So, whenever you encounter limescale or water staining, you can use vinegar as a go-to cleaning solution.

However, choosing the right cleaning product is better if you want to clean delicate surfaces. After all, you want to be on the safe side.

Long story short, vinegar can be a better cleaning solution than many store-bought chemical-based cleaning products.

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