Practices you should adopt on your workplace to keep it clean

Office Cleaning TipsWhen it comes to workplace cleanliness, you probably only think about the office cleaning company that handles the task. Well, as it turns out, there is much more than this to it. Keeping the area clean should always be on your list of priorities because it will keep you focused and motivated on your workplace. It doesn’t take much effort on your side to maintain a decent level of cleanliness at your workplace. All you need to do is adopt a few simple habits that significantly contribute to a clean workplace.

  • Don’t keep clutter on your desk – when you keep too much clutter on your desk, you are not only creating a mess there but also putting more stress on yourself. To remain focused on your job and deal with any task effectively, you should minimise office clutter. Namely, you should focus your efforts on paper. Instead of piling up mountains of paper on your desk and everywhere else, you should get into the habit of storing information online. Say goodbye to digging through hundreds of printed pages on your desk and keep your data in digitised form. Also consider reducing other physical clutter, like excess pens and anything else that can distract you.
  • Practices you adopt on your workplace to keep it cleanDon’t eat on your desk – snacking on your desk should only take place if there is zero chance of you making a mess. And honestly, there is never zero chance of making a mess, so it is important to keep food to the kitchen area. All the crumbs and other food debris that can end up falling within your keyboard crevices are no fun. Eating on your desk probably grosses your coworkers so you should stop it.
  • Wash your mug – if you like to drink coffee and have your own mug, you should get into the habit of washing it. Take a few moments of your time to do so before you leave. Leaving a dirty mug overnight creates a hospitable environment for all sort of bacteria. And to think you will be drinking from it the next day…
  • Toss the trash – if there is some trash on your desk, you can easily label it a mess. Snack packages, water bottles, coffee cups, empty boxes, plastic bags and many other items you should don’t need to be there. Toss them in the bin to keep your work area clean and tidy at all times.
  • Use disinfectant wipes – did you know that the mouse and keyboard on your desk harbour more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat? Yes, you should feel disgusted. Taking a minute to wipe these items with a disinfectant wipe every single day will keep the area well-sanitised and in presentable condition. Speaking of cleaning the area, use a damp cloth to remove any accumulated dust on your desk that the office cleaner has missed.

All of these habits are simple enough, yet they work well to keep your work area in a clean state. Adopt them, and you will feel better at work.

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