Office Cleaning Mistakes That Companies Should Avoid

When it comes to office cleaning, there is no doubt that a cleaning company should be the one taking care of the task. They have the means to address it to a very high standard, as it is their job. It is every office manager’s responsibility to ensure the company they hire for the task has the experience to address it adequately. 

The company needs to stay on top of certain practices and avoid some mistakes, which brand their job as rather poor. In other words, the company employed for keeping your office premises in good shape should not take the work for granted and pay attention to the following cleaning practices:

Scrubbing carpet/upholstery stains Office Cleaning Mistakes That Companies Should Avoid

If your office has carpeted floors and/or upholstered furniture, you should know the risk of staining them is real. This is probably the worst thing that can happen to such fabric surfaces in your office, and, needless to say, you will expect the company to deal with the problem. The way they should be doing it doesn’t involve scrubbing. While you may feel like this is the first thing that should happen, scrubbing a stain is, in fact, a sure way to set it deeper into the fabric. Instead, any stain, be it some drink or printer ink, should be blotted gently. Then, the cleaning staff should apply a solution that works for this kind of stains and fabric material. 

Cleaning staff must empty the vacuum after every cleaning session

Emptying the canister of the vacuum cleaner after every cleaning session is a good way to keep dust and other debris from flying around. No professional should ever leave the vacuum full of grime and debris, because then it will simply not do its job properly. So, if the vacuum is one with a bag, they need to empty it regularly, while for bagless vacuums they should empty the canister daily. That is the only way to ensure peak performance. 

They must carefully select the cleaning solutions they use around the place

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It is impossible to clean an area without using any cleaning solutions there. But that doesn’t mean these products should be just any products. The company should make it clear that they put great emphasis on product quality. The first essential thing to consider is safety. The last thing you want is people feeling nauseous from the cleaning products used to clean the office. Next, the products they utilise in carpet cleaning service needs to work for the kind of upholstery and carpets you have around the place. Last, but not least, the cleaning products they use need to be effective, or else there will be no point in all of the cleaning work. Therefore, don’t go with a cleaning company that doesn’t follow strict standards in regards to cleaning products used. 

Garbage disposal

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes that the cleaning company should always try to avoid. Leaving the trash in the office is going to make any other effort to clean the place rather futile. It is also a sure way to introduce unpleasant smells around the place. It is clear that doing this mistake is not something you should expect from the cleaning company you have working for you in the office. 

These are just a few of the cleaning mistakes that commercial cleaning offices should avoid. Only then will you know they are true professionals. 

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