5 Mistakes When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Service

Common mistakes when hiring commercial cleaning serviceRegardless of what type of business you own, hiring the right vendors is of utmost importance. This is especially true for hiring commercial cleaning companies, who are there to maintain cleanliness, presentation and janitorial responsibilities around your office.

Usually, when you hire a new cleaner or looking for a replacement, you will check the Internet or ask around for references. The good news is that there are plenty of companies out there ready and waiting for you to give them green light on what and when to clean.

Make sure to watch out for the red flags as follows:

  • No references and reviews from past clients – there are countless resources available online for people to track the history of a cleaning company. This is because it is essential for every business to know that the organization they are enlisting on the job is a reputable one. You can search on Facebook, Yelp and many other websites to see what comes up about a company you have liked. The absence of any online presence is an alarming sign. Even more so is the lack of any references to work with past clients. You will do well to ask the company for a few references and contact them all to see what they think of the service provided.
  • Shaky quotes – sometimes you will hear a great quote on the phone, promising affordable price and many services. Then, as the company makes an inspection, they deliver a new quote. Finally, when the time to pay comes, you find that the price is different, usually higher from what was initially agreed. No legitimate cleaning company will ever mislead you with the price and will charge only for what they initially quoted. They will send an expert to view the premises and go through your needs and requirements to provide the right estimate.
  • They cannot provide proof of insurance – proper insurance coverage is essential for every reputable cleaning company out there. Insurance is needed to cover for any unfortunate accidents that happen on the workplace. For your peace of mind, do ask to see proof of insurance and only hire a company with one.Mistakes when hiring commercial cleaning service
  • The contract set in stone – when you are asked to sign a strict contract, this might be the case of a company that won’t go the extra mile. The best cleaning services come from companies that offer flexibility. After all, that is the best way to get things done, as cleaning needs are not set in stone.
  • Hiring without a service agreement – commercial cleaning companies are different in what services they offer. As such, you should get everything in writing so that you don’t end up with services you didn’t want to pay for.

Getting your workplace in a neat and clean state should be a top priority. Make sure you avoid the pitfalls above when hiring the company to provide just that.

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