6 Tips for Organising Your Office

If you feel like you spend too much of your time in the office to look for documents and supplies, instead of working, it is more likely that your workplace is in chaos. Productivity greatly suffers when clutter dominates your office space.

While it is true that office cleaning services will take care of the cleanliness in your place, you have to control the chaos. Thankfully, there are quite a few proven tips that can help in that regard:

Organising Your Office That Really Work

Try to Re-Arrange Your Office

If you have tried to organise your office before, only to see it fall into the same cluttered state, maybe the layout is to blame. Consider the current furniture layout and think whether it is the best for the kind of work that you do. Obviously, if your bin is not close-by and you have to get up to throw something away, you have to move the bin. Arrange your office in such a way as to make it most convenient for your work and everyday activities.

Purge the Place

One of the most essential steps to keeping your workplace in presentable condition is to remove everything that doesn’t belong there and practically bears the label ‘clutter’. Go through the stacks of paper currently piling up on your desk and throw away everything you are not using. Clear out the drawers and see if there are any items you don’t really need. When you remove the clutter, you will find it is rather easy to organise the rest of your office inventory.

You Need a Filing System

To better the major clutter culprit – paper – you need to develop a working filing system. It doesn’t really matter what kind of system you use, as long as it serves your work habits and needs. Get in the habit of sorting and purging all of the unnecessary papers on your desk. Keep the documents you need in your work on your desk and find suitable storage solutions for the rest. If you have to keep an archive, consider storing the information digitally, instead of physically on paper.

Organise your DeskOffice Table Organizing Tips

One of the general rules of thumb you should always follow is only to keep items you use on your desk. Think about this like your closest circle of friends. You don’t need to keep many around. Your closest friends, i.e. items you use daily, should be within reach. The items you rarely use don’t need to clutter that space and should be placed elsewhere. The items you never use are like strangers, and those you don’t need in your office, or your desk for that matter.

Clean your Desk

Cleanliness and organisation go hand in hand when it comes to conquering clutter and keeping your office environment in good shape. Even when cleaning experts are doing most of the cleaning work, you should still invest a few minutes in addressing your desk. Wipe out the dust and use a wet wipe to clean your computer peripherals. The latter accumulates quite a lot of bacteria and germs, and so you should clean them frequently.

Don’t Bring too Many Personal Items

Framed photos of your pets or children, your favourite mugs and things that you bring to your office from your home really have no place there. It is a good idea to cull your personal belongings so that you can stay focused on your work and not create additional clutter.

By implementing these tips, you can easily organise your office in a very effective manner. Start today, and you will soon enough see the difference.

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