Seven reasons to clean with citric acid in your office

Clean With Citric AcidAre you looking for ways to:

  • Clean up your office efficiently and effectively?
  • Eliminate negative odours in your space?
  • Promote a greener mind set among your employees?
  • Showcase your care for the environment?

Then, a slight change in your approach to office cleaning might be in order. And before you begin calculating how much it will cost your business in the long run, keep reading this article – you’ll be surprised!

Citric fruits are the source of a very potent acidic compound, which is also the reason for their unique taste and aroma. Citric acids – and lemon acid in particular – can ensure that items in your office stay clean and smell nice! This is especially true if you’re looking to spruce up your office in an eco-friendly manner – you don’t need any fancy detergents, just plain, old lemon fruits! Thanks to their wide range of antibacterial qualities, citric acids will make short work of potential odour sources and health hazards alike.

They can help you deal with:

  • The need for air fresheners – choosing to involve citric acids in your office cleaning process allows you to completely abandon artificial air freshening methods (which, by the way, are bad both for the environment and the health of your employees)
  • The office microwave – your break room microwave will be cleaner than ever and smell nicer on top of that
  • Glass Items – cups, pots and decanters alike will be as good as new
  • Sink drains and garbage disposals – a quick and easy way to deodorise and unclog your office sink

For general air freshening, simply grab a couple of lemons, put them in small, separate bowls and put a few in each room. Not only will this instantly change the smell of your office space, but the innovative approach is guaranteed to also do wonders for the mood of your employees. As an added bonus, these lemons can also double up as a quick snack for your workers.

reasons to clean with citric acidFor your microwave, fill a glass with water and add a couple of lemon juice drops to it. Microwave until it starts boiling and then let it sit there for a good 10 minutes. Not only will your trusty appliance smell nice, but rubbing it with a clean cloth will allow you to remove any stains and stubborn leftovers stuck to the inside walls with ease.

For your cups, you can either use them for the method above, hitting two birds with one stone or, for other glass items, rub them with a piece of freshly cut lemon. Let your glass item stay covered in citric acid for a couple of hours and then rinse (and repeat on any other glass object in need of cleaning).

For your sink, all that you need to do is pour some citric acid down the drain along with hot water and, after ample time has passed, rinse with a fresh stream. If you’re dealing with a clogging situation, your approach will be quite similar, but you’ll need a little extra – some baking soda. Pour the combination down the drain, give it about 15 minutes to do its thing and then rinse with water.

Adopting a hands-on approach to eco-friendliness will help both in convincing your employees that you really want a change to happen and inspiring them to follow suit, all the while protecting all of you from dangerous toxins and chemicals. It’s a win-win situation!

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