6 Tips For Decluttering Office Workspace

Tips for decluttering your office workspace

If you work in an office, you must know that too much clutter around can have a negative impact on your work. Not only is it distracting, but it is downright unprofessional and causes you to lose time searching for what you really need.

Top commercial cleaning company recommend that office workers keep clutter at bay. If you are still not convinced, consider for yourself what will be easier: having only the files and items you need for work, or looking for those under three different piles of documents. Surely you must admit that keeping your workspace organised is better.

Here are several tips to help you achieve this:

  • Start anew – if you have already tried some decluttering sessions before and they didn’t work, it is time for a new approach. Sometimes decluttering little by little just doesn’t do much. What you can do is start adding the items you need little by little. This reverse approach to decluttering can make a big difference. So take everything off the desk and drawers and place it in a box. Whenever you need something from the box, put it back in. In a few weeks’ time, you will know what you need.
  • Re-evaluate – think carefully about what you actually need on your desk to be effective in your work. You will find that if you are objective enough, you will regard many of the items unnecessary and unimportant to your work. If something doesn’t have a clear purpose, it has no place where you work. Don’t just keep things around because you think you will need them at some point; instead keep them only if you need them now.
  • Tackle the cables – tackling the cables around your desk is never a waste of time and can contribute to a more organised office. Rain gutters are one tool you can use to achieve a more organised state. You can also look for specialised tools for managing cables, as they look neat and do the job just right.
  • Locate problematic areas – since you work on your desk every single day, it is easy to get used to its layout and the clutter there. However, there is a nice way to identify the problem areas: snap a few photos. You will be surprised at how well such change of perspective works.
  • Create extra storage – from extra shelves to additional drawers, additional storage is always a nice solution to excessive clutter. Granted you do not fill these too quickly with needless stuff, you should be fine. Consider some less-popular but highly effective options: pegboards and magnets to mount documents and notes.
  • Invest a few minutes after work every day – even if you are serious about keeping clutter at bay, your office will get messy throughout the day. That is a sign you are working well. However, you can prevent a big mess by investing 5 to 10 minutes every day after work to fix things. Wash your cup, dispose of trash, and distribute papers where they belong. It doesn’t take much, but it makes a notable difference.

Dealing with office clutter, even without the help of a commercial cleaning company, is possible. All it takes is some dedication on your side and a few minutes every day.

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