How to make your office more eco-friendly? Part 2

How to make office eco-friendly?

In part one of this article we started a list of recommendations to get your office on the green side. Making your workplace more eco-friendly is beneficial not only for people working there, but also the environment as a whole. Without further delay, let’s see some other wonderful tips on greening the office:

  1. Keep the power off – the office is a place for energy vampires – appliances and electronic devices that are powered down but still consume energy in stand-by mode – to thrive and increase the energy bill by a lot. In fact, most of the office power is consumed from electric devices that are turned off but remain plugged in an outlet. Most standby power is considered wasted, since the device is not used but still impacts the bill. There are a ton of solutions you can use to improve the situation, starting from smart outlets to software that automatically powers down all company computers at night.
  2. Set monitors to power down – a lot of people prefer the use of screen savers, but as you already know, this only translates to increased energy bill for virtually no work done on the computer. It is best to have a company policy to power down monitors when not in use.
  3. Turn solar – solar power is not something reserved for residential homes only. More and more offices are turning to solar energy systems, even though they are expensive. Still, it is a source of green energy, which is perfect when the office setup and location allow it. The long-term benefits and returns are going to be grand.
  4. More natural light – the lighting of a typical office building represents about 30% of all energy consumption. If there is a way to reduce that, it has to do with letting more natural light in. That, in addition to turning off all lights when no one is in the room, can greatly reduce energy consumption.
  5. Motion sensors – one of the ways to reduce unnecessary lighting use is to rely on motion sensors. If there are too many rooms around your office with lights on, while nobody is in there, perhaps it is best to rely on motion sensors. These can be set to keep the lights on for a given period when somebody moves about in the room or passes the switch.
  6. Invest in multi-purpose office machines – every office machine has a tax on the environment before its launch and after its life has been spent. For this reason, it is best to opt for multi functional equipment that can deal with copying, scanning, printing and faxing all at once. It may be more expensive, but think of the space it will save and how convenient it is to use!
  7. Find a medium for temperatures – while it is true that some people prefer too cold and others like too hot temperatures, you should try to find a happy medium. Instead of keeping the temperatures ideal only for those in full suits, see to it that everyone is happy, as it is not only more eco-friendly that way, but also caters to the preferences of people in the office.
  8. Rely on green cleaning products – insist on hiring a green commercial cleaning company. The office space can be cleaned with proven methods and solutions that are harmless towards the environment and don’t pollute it.
  9. Get office plants – what better way to go green than buying plenty of plants. Plants are the perfect addition to every room, because they not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of it, but also purify the air of airborne pollutants and emit oxygen. Besides, more plants mean less of a stern office environment look, which is good for the people working there.

As you can see, there is much you can do to turn your office into a more eco-friendly place. Make a change today so that you can benefit from it tomorrow.

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