How to make your office a better place?

Are you looking to make your 9 to 5 a lot better? There is every reason to make that so. Instead of feeling like going to work every single day is a drag, you want to make it so that you look forward to this.

It is beneficial to think this way about going to work every day. You know just how draining it can be to go to work demotivated. It is normal to have mixed feelings about your job, though there are a few proven ways to change that and they all have to do with making the workplace a better place.

Here is how you do that:

  • make your office a better placeMake friends – even though you may feel like getting your job as soon as possible and heading home, it is actually a good idea to linger a bit more and socialise with your co-workers. According to research, creating connections at work leads to more passion and productivity. People who do that are not only better employees, but also quit their jobs less often. On top of that, there are definite advantages such as improved wellbeing and even physical benefits. Even when you feel you don’t click well with people on your team, you can find friends in other departments. Finding that common ground with others will pay off.
  • Prep a desk for success – you would go the extra mile to decorate your home to your liking, so why should your desk at work be any different? Although for many ‘decorating’ means bringing all kinds of personal belongings, it is actually far better to think of it more in terms of ‘organised’. Having a decluttered work area has become increasingly important, as studies reveal the devastating effects of clutter. Sure, you can bring a photo of your children, but aim to keep things contained and always take the time or organise the area. Office cleaning service aside, it is you that needs to take care of your desk space.
  • Tips to Make your office a better placeWalk more – office work has become increasingly sedentary, which can hinder your health. When your lunch break comes, don’t spend it on your desk browsing the internet. Go out and take a walk with a co-worker. It not only boosts your productivity and creative thinking but also gives you that much-needed exercise.
  • Pack your own lunch that you love – buying fast food or whatever is available from a vending machine really isn’t the way to go. You should prepare a lunch you are looking forward to, as that will keep you motivated. It is also an excellent way to make healthy choices, which contributes to your wellbeing.
  • Clean around – while your workplace may be serviced by an office cleaning company, nothing is stopping you from taking a few minutes to wipe your desk and peripheral devices after work. A clean environment in the office is a fine way to boost your morale and eliminate distractions.

There is no doubt that by following these steps, you can achieve better wellbeing in your workplace.

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