Why Office Clutter is Bad for You

Why excessive amount of office clutter is badIf you are running a business, you should take time to organise your workplace. There is no point in delaying the inevitable or telling yourself that you are above office cleaning and decluttering. However, putting your workplace in order is more important than you may ever realise.

If you have never thought about it this way, clutter is, in fact, responsible for a lot of negative scenarios. Apart from making your desk/office unappealing, it can significantly hinder your work and productivity. Which is why you have to take immediate action as soon as you see your office staff drowned in clutter.

You have to stay on top of your office cleaning because:

  • It strengthens procrastination – one of the primary reasons why clutter is bad is because it enhances procrastination. Excessive clutter at work can distract you and keep you from achieving your goals throughout the day. The more you engage with clutter, the more time you will lose arranging, digging through and searching for that specific thing you need. You are better off investing 10 minutes in decluttering now, instead of wasting so much time later on.
  • Clutter makes you feel less happy – feeling good about your work and your time in the office is a complex factor. One of the things that negatively affect it has a messy workplace. Humans are naturally wired to appreciate clean surfaces and well-organised places. By keeping clutter in the office, you are essentially depriving yourself of that emotional boost needed to make you feel happy about the work. There is no doubt that you do not like the idea of office cleaning, but it is one thing that can surely make you happy.
  • Clutter can tire you out – digging through piles of paper in search of a specific piece of paper is bothersome. It will tire you out and make you frustrated. Why would you ever want to do that when you can be focusing on your work instead? Devise a system for organising and acquire extra storage if you must. It will save you a ton of effort in the long run.
  • Clutter speaks bad of you – if you keep a lot of clutter on your desk, your co-workers and clients will probably think negatively of you. They will not try to evaluate your work properly if all they see are piles of paper and other items scattered all over your work area. Clients especially will hardly ever trust you with an account when you cannot even deal with something as simple as decluttering.
  • Health impact – office health is directly linked to cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. Proper cleaning is required to ensure that there are no harmful germs and bacteria around. Cleaning, in turn, is negatively affected by clutter. The more stuff on your desk, for example, the less efficient you will be at clearing out dust.

Evidently, there are plenty of negative side effects to clutter. You need to ensure that you stay on top of your office cleaning and decluttering tasks so that you feel happy and productive at work.

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