7 tips to organise your office desk

If you work from an office, or perhaps from home, you will want to consider how you organise your desk and work environment. That is not always easy, with clutter often getting out of control. But according to office cleaning experts, it is really important to keep your desk well-organised. Not only will it improve your concentration and productivity, but also create a healthier environment around you.

Tips that You Should Consider in Organising your Office Desk:


Always keep the desktop computer in front of you 

When you keep your computer in front, you will always stay focused. Besides, many experts have concluded that this is the most comfortable position to work on a computer from. And keep all of the cords behind your desk, bound with wire ties to keep them organised and neat. 

Keep the things you use the most near your dominant hand

If you are using a phone, make sure it is close to your dominant hand, or else it will create a lot of discomforts when you are using it. But the same goes for any item you use often, such as printed out documents and so on. It is best to keep things close and within reach, than to have to twist your body and waste time getting them. And if your desk is close to a wall, you can utilise that wall space with some floating shelves or even pegboards. 

Keep only things you need on the desk Keep Only Things You Need On The Desk

If you think about it, there is no need for that pen holder on your desk. All you need is a single pen, not 5 of them. Think about every item that is currently on your desk, how often you use it and whether it should be there in the first place. Once you reassess your needs, it becomes clear that you can save a lot of space and clutter on your desk by removing some of the items there and only keeping the essentials. 

Group similar items 

For office supplies, it is probably true that they can easily fit into a single drawer. In other words, there is no need to keep things spread around. Just put all of your office supplies into one drawer. In doing so, you free up the rest of your storage space for something else. 

Cut some personal items 

While many people like to keep memorable photos and other belongings on their desks, it is not an ideal scenario. These can be distractions when you are trying to work, and clutter in every other case, where you just put them there and forget about them. It is best to keep your workplace focused on work. 

You need some open desk space 

There should be some area around your computer free of clutter. That way, when you need to review any papers and documents, you can do so without any issue. Just make sure you don’t keep items around for too long. 

Only keep urgent paperwork on your desk 

One of the main culprits of clutter chaos on your desk is probably paperwork. Files and documents have a habit of sticking around and overall making a mess of the place. Do consider how much of your paperwork is immediately needed and how much of it you are keeping around for no particular reason. It is best to implement a flow of paperwork and organise it into urgent, non-urgent and needless categories so that you can control what stays and what goes. 

Following all of these tips to organise your office desk can surely make a difference in your productivity long-term. It is best to implement them and see how effective they are. 

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