Good Office Cleaning Habits You Should Develop

Good Office Cleaning Habits You Should DevelopYou spend a good portion of your day in your office. Even if you only work 8 hours a day, this makes 40 hours each week spent in an environment with other people. With that said, you should see to it that the place serves your needs not just in terms of work you do there, but also cleanliness.

When it comes to working in a clean and sanitary environment, there is a lot you can do to ensure good conditions. It is not just the efforts of a cleaning company in London that makes a difference, but also what every individual does that matters. In that sense, there a few good habits you should develop if you wish to keep your workplace clean and in order:

Take care of clutter on your desk

A lot of people allow their workplaces to become a complete mess. Whether it be excess papers or just other items you have too many of, you need to stay on top of that for sure. Experts all agree that clutter has a notable adverse effect on productivity, wellbeing in the workplace and contributes to quite a lot of stress. Imagine having to rummage through a drawer full of stationery items, just to find something small. Or perhaps sifting through a pile of papers for that one important document.

Take the necessary steps to ensure you keep clutter at a minimum. Ensure you only keep items around that you need and use. As for paper, do your best to reduce it and turn to digital storage of the information you need. Not only is this a better alternative to printing out papers, but it is also better for security purposes. Get organisers for the papers you actually need to print out.

Wash your own plate and mug

If your office is equipped with a kitchen area, perhaps you will want to bring food from home. If that is the case, then you should see to it that you always wash your plate and cutlery. There is nothing more annoying than seeing someone’s left their dirty dish and cutlery in the sink. It is quite unhygienic! Always ensure that you wash your dish and cutlery on time, especially if many people are using the area.

Keep devices clean

The Office Cleaning Habits You Should Develop

Regardless if you are using a desktop computer or perhaps a laptop, you need to ensure the device is clean. Research reveals that the average keyboard and mouse harbour more bacteria per square inch than the toilet. To reduce your exposure to that, you need to invest some effort in wiping these items with antibacterial wipes. Rubbing alcohol works too, as an excellent way to sanitise surfaces and items.

Keep food away from your desk

It is not a good idea to eat on your desk. That way you will enjoy your food less, but may also make a mess of the place. Crumbs falling in between the keys of your keyboard are annoying, and so are the stains you can leave in the area as you eat. It is best to use the kitchen for this purpose or just go out of the office for a breath of fresh air.

Dispose of trash every day

Whether it be snack packages, empty coffee cups or anything that you can label as trash, you should toss it immediately in the bin so that it doesn’t create a mess on your desk.

These simple tips go a long way to ensuring that your workplace remains in good condition at all times.

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