How You Can Do Your Part in Keeping The Office Clean

When it comes to the office, you know well enough that a clean environment is crucial for the wellbeing of everyone. Clutter and dirty surfaces are not just a nuisance to look at, but they impact negatively on the productivity and wellbeing of workers in the area.

Knowing that the office cleaning service will take care of most of the grime and dirt is comforting, though you need to take some steps to preserve the cleanliness of the space too. You cannot just rely on the cleaning company for everything. Here are a few of the tasks that you should stay on top of:

1. Don’t clutter your deskHow You Can Do Your Part In Keeping The Office Clean

This is of utmost importance for the cleanliness and order of your workplace. Clutter is the number one enemy of productivity and also a major contributor to unnecessary stress. When you have too much clutter on your desk, you are basically sacrificing some time to look for things that you need, and you are also limiting the available space for truly important items you use in your work. What makes clutter?

Personal items

Many people like to keep framed pictures of their family or pets, among other personal belongings. While it may seem like no big deal at first, you have to understand that these items only take up space and accumulate dust. It is best to keep your workspace strictly professional and refrain from putting any personal belongings there.


When you print out every single email and document, you are soon going to end up with a pile of papers on your desk. Needless to say, it is going to be very difficult to search for what you need among them. That is why it is best to become print-savvy and print out only essential information while storing the rest digitally.


There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. How many pens do you currently have on your desk? Do you really need more than one of them? It is likely that there is a lot of clutter taking this form on your workplace right now, so stay on top of it.

2. Don’t leave a mess anywhere

How You Can Do Keeping The Office Clean

It is okay to drop some food in the kitchen or perhaps spill a little coffee. What is not okay is to leave the mess without tending to it. Remember, any stain will dry up and then become more difficult to remove, not to mention they are unpleasant to look at. So whether it is on the floor or the microwave, make sure to remove any mess you have made promptly.

3. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink

One of the more annoying habits you can develop is leaving dirty dishes and mugs in the kitchen of the office. Don’t be that lazy person, who expects others to do the nasty task of cleaning the dishes. Wash them quickly and leave them to dry fully.

4. You can wipe your own desk and peripherals

One area of the office you can dedicate to cleaning on your own is the desk you work on. The peripherals and the surface there accumulate quite a lot of dust. You can do wonders with something as simple as a wet wipe. It won’t take you much time, and it will leave the area looking very clean.

These are all important tips you should not ignore. They will help you do your part in keeping the office clean.

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