Organised Workplace Could Help Workers Achieve Goals

How an organised workplace help workers achieve their 2018 goals?The start of 2018 saw many workers across the UK pledge to change their attitude towards their careers over the course of the year – something that will only be possible in many cases thanks to the support of managers. Online recruiter CV-Library published a list of the nation’s top work-related new year’s resolutions, which 91.5 percent of respondents said they were confident they would stick to. So what exactly does Britain’s workforce want this year and what can management do to help?

UK workers’ 2018 ambitions

CV-Library found that the most common change employees wanted to make this year was to get a new job, with 69 percent revealing they would be looking for a new role – by far the most popular resolution among the nation’s workforce. This was followed by fitting in exercise either before or after work, which was something 31.4 percent of those questioned said they’d be making more of an effort to do in 2018, while 18 percent plan to take a homemade healthy lunch to work each day this year. Meanwhile, 14.5 percent revealed they’d like to be promoted during the next 12 months, 14 percent were committed to leaving work on time more often, 11.3 percent wanted to work towards some extra qualifications and 8.5 percent simply pledged to take a lunch break every day.

Management can help their staff to achieve these goals by encouraging them to take regular breaks and leave on time by fostering a culture where overworking is not regarded as something to celebrate. Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, commented: “It’s positive to see that so many of the nation’s professionals are setting themselves up for a great start to 2018. “With many looking for a new start in January, it’s unsurprising to see that looking for a new job tops the list of new year’s resolutions. It’s also encouraging to see that such a high percentage of workers are confident they will be able to achieve their aims this year.”

Organisation ‘key to achieving goals’

How an organised workplace help achieve 2018 goals?CV-Library set out a list of top tips for workers to follow to work towards their goals in 2018, which include advice on achieving a healthy and sustainable work-life balance, as well as staying organised. This could be little things like making a nutritious lunch the night before or keeping a work space as clean and tidy as possible so that there’s no mess affecting productivity.

A clean workplace also means fewer germs and therefore less chance that workers will fall ill, while no mess causing a distraction means staff are likely to be able to get more done during their working hours, allowing them to leave on time. Therefore, with all of this in mind, taking advantage of our commercial cleaning service can really help to make sure your office space is a place where staff can achieve their full potential and contribute towards driving your business forward for a successful 2018.

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Source: CV Library 

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